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Market strategist, product designer, project manager, PR & marketing18 monthsiOS App


Chani Nicholas and her wife/business partner Sonya Passi had grown Chani’s astrology content business from a blog/newsletter that started in 2010 to a prescient business model of deploying asynchronous workshops in 2018. By 2019, astrology apps started to percolate in the market, and with Chani’s audience, knowledge, and ambition, they decided to build an astrology app too.


We started brainstorming the app and what it could be within weeks of me starting to work for them in March 2019. We started out with low-fi, hand-drawn wireframes that encapsulated the offerings Chani’s customer base already loved. We looked at the competitive landscape and were strategic about what was table-stakes to enter the market, and what whitespace opportunities existed. We mostly ran our own race and focused on making the best thing we could do with the resources we had.

I designed every wireframe in the app. I used Adobe XD primarily.

Our technology partners at AnnieCannons, Inc were instrumental in engineering this iOS app.


The CHANI app for iOS launched on December 19, 2020. Within its first month, it had over 100k downloads!

People across social media raved about the breadth of content, the depth of information, as well as its usability, intuitiveness, and overall design. Yay!!!


Chani Nicholas Incorporated was already in the content business before the app, but launching the CHANI app for iOS repackaged and expanded upon existing offerings in a way that completely turbocharged the business’s revenue. The company is now set up for huge growth: a bigger hiring pipeline, more versions of the app in development, and more projects to come.