Rosemary Orange Kombucha Cocktail

rosemary and cara cara orange kombucha cocktail

Here is a recipe for a citrusy, herby drink that can be made with or without booze. this kombucha cocktail with orange and rosemary is lovely and refreshing!

How to Make Preserved Lemons

homemade preserved lemons

preserved lemons are a Mediterranean kitchen staple which adds a funky, salty, citrusy note to whatever you’re cooking. use sparingly because they’re really pungent. really good with chicken, grain salads, or cheese. they take a month to cure so make them when you remember to, and they will keep forever.

Easy Lemon Yogurt Cake

lemon yogurt cake

This easy lemon yogurt cake is perfect for breakfast or afternoon tea. it’s tender, the crumb is perfect, and the flavor is bright. another thing this easy lemon yogurt cake recipe does — it utilizes a yogurt cup as a measurement tool so you save dishes. i actually adapted this from a french parenting book… Continue reading Easy Lemon Yogurt Cake