Chocolate-dipped shortbread cookies

Here’s a recipe for chocolate dipped shortbread cookies that are tender, sweet, chocolately, and with a hint of orange. They are the perfect Christmas cookie. If you’re looking for a timeless shortbread recipe this Holiday, this shortbread cookie is the one. I definitely did not eat them in one sitting (haha… I did).

Chocolate Chip Cookie Butter Blondies

Y’all these cookie butter blondies are unreal. With the toasty cinnamon notes from Biscoff cookie butter, plus dark chocolate and finally a little hit of flaky salt on top — it’s a little over the top. These chocolate chip cookie butter blondies are sent from heaven. Make these now.

Whole Wheat Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies

salted whole wheat chocolate chip cookies

Inspired by the Levain on the Upper West Side, but with whole wheat pastry flour, these are a copycat Levain chocolate chip cookie recipe but with whole wheat flour. These Levain chocolate chip cookies are the best a tad undercooked — that’s how you get the gooey, molten middle.

No-Bake Chocolate Tart – Just Mix and Set

no-bake chocolate ganache tart

Here’s a recipe for a really decadent, easy to make, no-bake chocolate tart that requires NO BAKING. just mix and set! the base is made with Oreos, and the chocolate ganache is a simple mixture of cream and chocolate. top it with chocolate shavings + cherries on top to make it really special! This no-bake… Continue reading No-Bake Chocolate Tart – Just Mix and Set

Homemade S’mores – Completely DIY

Here’s a recipe for completely homemade smores, down to making your own marshmallows and graham crackers. Making marshmallows at home is so much better than buying at the store if you have the time! Same with graham crackers — you get so much more honey flavor and nuttiness. You will be shocked at how delicious… Continue reading Homemade S’mores – Completely DIY

White Chocolate & Tahini tart

This is a white chocolate tahini tart, made with swirls of dark chocolate and Maldon salt on top. Unlike most white chocolate desserts, it’s not overly sweet. This white chocolate tahini tart is a play on unexpected flavors – tahini, chocolate, and salt are unexpected best friends!

Buckwheat chocolate chunk cookies

buckwheat chocolate chunk cookies

Here is a recipe for buckwheat chocolate chunk cookies. These are some really lovely, sophisticated, grown-up chocolate chip cookies. Instead of using all-purpose flour, these use a portion of buckwheat flour in the mixture. These buckwheat chocolate chunk cookies are tender, flaky and just delicious!