Larb-inspired Ground Turkey Rice Bowls

Here is an easy weeknight recipe that uses ground turkey, seasons it with a citrus-fish sauce-soy sauce dressing, and is served over rice with cucumbers and pickled onions. This ground turkey rice bowl is loosely inspired by the Thai meat dish larb (also spelled laab). It’s seasoned incredibly well – no boring ground turkey recipes… Continue reading Larb-inspired Ground Turkey Rice Bowls

Trottole Pasta with a Shrimp Marinara Sauce Recipe

Have you ever had trottole pasta? Trottole pasta is a curly-cue pasta shape that looks like a tight coil. Its shape clings to pasta sauce, so you get a perfect distribution of pasta:sauce with every bite. This recipe for trottole pasta is topped with a spicy-ish shrimp marinara sauce. The shrimp marinara sauce is a… Continue reading Trottole Pasta with a Shrimp Marinara Sauce Recipe

Keto-Friendly Chili Oil Noodles

If you’re a chili oil noodle lover but are trying to cut down on net carbs, here is a keto/low carb chili oil noodle recipe to satisfy your cravings. Using shirataki noodles and your favorite chili oil, this dish is spicy, cool, and crunchy with the addition of cucumbers and peanuts. One serving of these… Continue reading Keto-Friendly Chili Oil Noodles

Vietnamese-Inspired Cold Noodle & Ground Pork Salad

If you are as obsessed with Vietnamese flavors as I am, you are going to love this cold rice noodle salad with caramelized pork crumbles and herbs. Sauteeing ground pork with fish sauce and brown sugar makes the pork taste salty, umami, caramelized and savory all at once, and combined with cold rice noodles and… Continue reading Vietnamese-Inspired Cold Noodle & Ground Pork Salad

Instant Pot Spring Herb Risotto

Here is a recipe for risotto made in the Instant Pot, and served with a ton of fresh herbs. This easy risotto recipe is sophisticated enough for date night or entertaining, and also is affordable and easy to make on any weeknight. Make this Instant Pot herb risotto any time!!

Instant Pot Risotto with Roasted Squash

This Instant Pot risotto is made with butternut squash, but you could make this Instant Pot risotto with any type of winter squash. In the hall of butternut squash Instant Pot recipes, this one is definitely up there. It would be a great Thanksgiving side dish if you’re looking to do something a little different… Continue reading Instant Pot Risotto with Roasted Squash

Instant Pot Short Rib Bolognese

Here’s an Instant Pot ragu recipe that, stand-alone, is Paleo and Whole30 compliant *and* is super filling, savory, and big on flavor. You can make this Instant Pot pasta sauce with tagliatelle, rigatoni, or zoodles, and it would be a delicious dinner. Cooking this short rib ragu in the Instant Pot majorly cuts down on… Continue reading Instant Pot Short Rib Bolognese

Coconut Rice with Lobster

This recipe is for the best coconut rice I have ever put in my mouth. I’m not even bragging – it’s light, not sticky, and you get great flavor. And to make it even more luxurious, I’ve added lobster meat to the recipe for a slightly seafood-y flavor and just that wonderful lobster touch. This is… Continue reading Coconut Rice with Lobster

Super easy gnocchi

sage and rosemary gnocchi

In the style of the truffle gnocchi from Barbuto, here’s a super easy gnocchi recipe, made with rosemary, sage and brown butter — and truffle salt. It’s honestly stupidly easy, and ridiculously delicious.

handmade tagliatelle + kale pesto

handmade pasta with kale pesto

This handmade tagliatelle recipe with pesto is super easy to make, loaded with anti-inflammatory greens and is super cheap. It comes together so quickly and surprisingly easy to make. This handmade tagliatelle recipe with pesto is a homemade take on a fancy restaurant-style dish, and you can feel fantastic about saving money and impressing your… Continue reading handmade tagliatelle + kale pesto