Grilled Branzino

Here’s a recipe for a Mexican flavor-inspired grilled branzino recipe. Branzino, also known as bronzini, is a Mediterranean fish that is small enough to grilled whole on a grill. It’s really delicious grilled with a slice of lime or lemon inside and then served with a flavorful salsa, since branzino is a fairly mild white… Continue reading Grilled Branzino

Orange & Rosemary Roasted Salmon (Healthy, Easy, Low Carb)

This orange and rosemary roasted salmon recipe is so easy and you can use any citrus and any herb you want. I used cara cara oranges and rosemary, but you could use lemon and thyme, or meyer lemons and marjoram, or lemon/lemon verbena — the combos are endless. Make this super easy roasted salmon recipe… Continue reading Orange & Rosemary Roasted Salmon (Healthy, Easy, Low Carb)

Seafood Boil with Tajin Seasoning

Most seafood boils — which are composed of shrimp or langoustine or crab, alongside potatoes, corn and sausage, — call for Old Bay seasoning. This recipe, however, uses Tajin for its seasoning. Make this Tajin seafood boil anytime you’re hosting a summer dinner party, want a pescatarian Whole30 recipe, want to cook a recipe with… Continue reading Seafood Boil with Tajin Seasoning

Seared Tuna Salad with Cucumbers and Ginger Dressing

This Seared Tuna and Cucumber Zoodle Bowl is your new favorite lunch! It looks fancy, but really comes together quite quickly. With cool and crunchy cucumbers, topped with savory tuna, creamy avocado, zesty nori strips and a ginger-lime-nut butter dressing that will be your new favorite dressing – this tuna and cucumber bowl is the… Continue reading Seared Tuna Salad with Cucumbers and Ginger Dressing

Coconut Rice with Lobster

This recipe is for the best coconut rice I have ever put in my mouth. I’m not even bragging – it’s light, not sticky, and you get great flavor. And to make it even more luxurious, I’ve added lobster meat to the recipe for a slightly seafood-y flavor and just that wonderful lobster touch. This is… Continue reading Coconut Rice with Lobster