Marketing & Product Strategy


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That website or app idea in your head?


That e-commerce store or digital workshop you don’t know how to set up?


Your messaging and "story" that you haven’t quite nailed?


That book you wrote that you're worried won't get a good enough launch?


I will co-create with you to bring your ideas into reality, and get you the visibility you deserve.



  • Brand SWOT Analysis
  • Competitive & Whitespace Positioning
  • Audience Insights
  • Thought Leadership Strategy
  • Product Feature Strategy


  • Web & Mobile UI Design
  • WordPress, Squarespace & Shopify Websites
  • Kajabi & Teachable Setup
  • Integrating with your engineers to design a custom app


  • Product & service launch strategy
  • Content/creative direction
  • Product photography
  • Launch day execution
  • Launch recap & analysis

I’ve worked with some of the biggest technology companies and startups to position, market, and revitalize their products. I’ve handled high-profile PR crises and marketing launches, navigated big company dynamics, and built relationships with top-tier reporters to drive A1 press hits.


I’ve also worked with influencers who are taking the next step in their career: leveraging their online community and depth of knowledge to turn it into something bigger: whether that’s writing a book, or developing new technology offerings like a better website and e-commerce store, or even building an original mobile app.


I've even done this work for myself! I had a food blog from 2016-2020, where I took it from 0 to profitable, grew my Instagram following, got up to 500k monthly Pinterest viewers, and generated inbound brand content partnerships. But, I decided my gift isn't promoting myself - it's partnering with creatives, like you, to make something bigger and better than what either of us could do alone.


All of these things ladder up to the same outcome: a stronger brand, with more visibility on your expertise, and more sales and revenue for you.


"Mimi helped me to launch my brand in 2015 and continues to be my go-to person for how to market across a range of platforms. Her mix of intelligence, creativity, and industry knowledge have been an immense help in navigating the fashion industry as a small business owner. She can help with digital analytics (she's a self-professed lover of data) as much as media relations or social media strategy. She's a strong brand marketer and a fantastic person to work with!"

"I had the pleasure of [working with] Mimi directly for a little over a year, during which time she proved to be one of the most driven and sharp people I've worked with. Mimi is a student of all things tech and communication, with a neverending curiosity and desire to perfect her craft. No task, no matter how ambiguous or complex, daunts her -- in fact, the more difficult the more Mimi digs in."

"Mimi is a PR Ninja. Swift, efficient and dynamic, she is invaluable to the success of any mission. Her ability to juggle high volume and content-sensitive media relations with ease is admirable and sets the tone for success. I hope that I have the opportunity to work with Mimi again in the future."

"Her ability to story-tell across earned, social and paid mediums combined with her knack for creative problem-solving makes her a force to be reckoned with. She has proved her natural talent of working with the media and creating news-worthy headlines. Mimi is the ideal team player and someone who brings immense value to the table."


Let's chat about how I can support you with a fun and value-packed experience for your in-person or online event. Here are a few of the topics I can speak to:


  • Millennial and Gen Z cultural and consumption habits
  • Trends affecting people and consumer brands in 2021
  • How to navigate new services like Clubhouse and Tiktok, and legacy platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • The growing trend of influencers productizing their expertise and becoming moguls
  • Women in tech and business
  • Hot takes on astrology, food, culture, and trending topics