Amaro Spritz Cocktails

Amaro spritz seems to be a controversial drink these days. The New York Times wrote a story saying that the Aperol spritz is a bad drink, which I disagree with. Using Aperol, Campari or any of your favorite Amari (Cynar? Great! Lo-Fi Gentian Amaro? delicious!), you can make an amaro spritz with just amaro, bubbles… Continue reading Amaro Spritz Cocktails

Honeydew Boba Smoothie for Scorching Hot Days

This recipe for a honeydew boba smoothie is dairy-free, healthy and so refreshing for the summertime. The frozen honeydew blends into a smooth, creamy texture, and uses cucumber, mint and coconut water. This honeydew smoothie is so cooling for scorching hot days. And, if you are a fan of bubble tea, this recipe shows you… Continue reading Honeydew Boba Smoothie for Scorching Hot Days

Frozen Paloma Cocktail Served with a Tajin Rim

Paloma cocktails are made with grapefruit soda, grapefruit juice, tequila or mezcal, and are served with a salty rim. It’s like if a margarita and a salty dog had a love child. Palomas can be made on the rocks or frozen – a frozen paloma cocktail is sooo good in the summertime, and is also… Continue reading Frozen Paloma Cocktail Served with a Tajin Rim

Pomegranate, Lime and Mint Cocktails

This light and refreshing pomegranate cocktail with lime and mint is so delicious, you won’t even know there’s no alcohol in it! If you’re doing a Dry January, a Whole30 or just don’t want to imbibe, try this lime-mint pomegranate mocktail!

Morning Buns with Jam and Labneh Frosting

Inspired by one of my favorite cookbooks ever, “Small Victories” by Julia Turshen, these are morning buns made with jam. Instead of her creme fraiche frosting, I’m making frosting with labneh! Labneh is a middle eastern cheese that is basically super-strained yogurt. These jam morning buns with labneh frosting are not too sweet and perfect… Continue reading Morning Buns with Jam and Labneh Frosting

Campari Rosé Spritzer

Here’s a cocktail recipe with Campari and rosé. It’s a spritzer, with orange and seltzer. This is a refreshing, perfect summer cocktail!

Rosemary Orange Kombucha Cocktail

rosemary and cara cara orange kombucha cocktail

Here is a recipe for a citrusy, herby drink that can be made with or without booze. this kombucha cocktail with orange and rosemary is lovely and refreshing!

Gjusta-inspired Steak and Eggs for Breakfast

gjusta copycat steak and eggs

This steak and eggs recipe is a California take on a classic hearty meal. It can be made paleo, and the chimichurri is loaded with anti-inflammatory and alkaline ingredients like herbs, lemon juice, and spices. It comes together so quickly and is perfect for any meal. This steak and eggs recipe adapted from Gjusta in Venice,… Continue reading Gjusta-inspired Steak and Eggs for Breakfast

how to make bone broth at home

chicken feet and leeks

Bone broth – basically chicken stock made with bones you have at home – is so EASY to make you should NEVER buy it again. You can make bone broth at home with almost any combination of chicken bones, weird chicken parts, or even leftovers from a rotisserie chicken from the supermarket. All you need… Continue reading how to make bone broth at home