Chani Nicholas Incorporated Website Redesign

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After 10 years as a blogger and influencer, Chani’s website reflected the aesthetic of an influencer-centric business model – a big logo and header with a blog-post centric design. In 2020, on the eve of launching her eponymous astrology app CHANI, we wanted to shift the website to have a media/tech startup look and feel to instill more trust in the company as a whole.

We redesigned the Chani Nicholas Incorporated website to incorporate a more modern header design, optimize the homepage and app page for SEO best practices, perform responsively on tablet and mobile, as well as add in more corporate and customer resources in the footer.


I laid out a new website hierarchy and structure in Adobe XD, centered around a homepage redesign and the addition of a dedicated page for the new CHANI app. Additionally, we had to build out new privacy, contact, and support pages to plan for the customers using the CHANI app. I also incorporated SEO best practices into the redesigned website.

After about 2 rounds of review, we shipped it on December 19, 2020.


The CHANI app for iOS launched on December 19, 2020. Within its first month, it had over 100k downloads! The website also had great traffic and we’re seeing more time-on-page and organic SEO traffic.


In addition to being a better looking, and more trusted website, for Chani’s business evolution, the redesigned homepage has increased traffic via organic SEO to horoscope blog posts in the month since its launch.