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In 2020, Chani Nicholas launched her debut book, You Were Born For This: Astrology for Radical Self-Acceptance. The book lays out the fundamental parts of your astrology birth chart to learn about, and also includes some advanced topics like aspects in it. Chani wanted to have her own birth chart tool on her website, so readers of the book would be able to learn more about their chart in a way that paralleled the book and illuminated some more advanced astrology themes in an easy-to-understand way.

It was also written and printed in the manuscript that you would be able to go to and pull up your birth chart, so the deadline of getting this chart tool out by January 6, 2020, was firm!


We wanted the design of the chart itself to be a blend of minimal design and traditional astrology. While some astrology websites and apps do away with the circle chart and offer one’s natal placements in a grid, we wanted to keep the circle chart because it is so essential in traditional astrology. We did not, however, want to overwhelm the user with too much information, which can come up when a chart shows all the aspect lines at one.

We also wanted to parallel the layout of the book, which included three sections on your Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign, with subsections for aspects and other supporting data points.

We started out with lo-fi, hand-drawn wireframes, and then mocked up the final design in Adobe XD.

Our technology partners at AnnieCannons, Inc were instrumental in engineering this progressive web app. With their help, we designed a custom natal chart with animations illustrating planetary aspects, as well as providing tons of useful information for astrology enthusiasts to learn more about their charts.


The natal chart progressive web app launched in concert with the book on January 6, 2020.

People across social media raved about the simplicity of the design, how minimal and easy to use it was, and how it helped explain some more complex topics in astrology.


In addition to being a marketing tool for the book – we were able to pitch stories to the media about the natal chart web tool – it also served as a lead generator tool for the company’s email marketing list.

The natal chart web app not only illuminates concepts in the book and provided a minimally-designed, simple birth chart tool for the market, but it also doubled Chani Nicholas Incorporated’s email list and set up future launches for success.

Last, the learnings and knowledge taken away from building this PWA provided a foundation for our next big tech project, the CHANI app.