About Mimi

Hi there! My name is Mimi Newman, I am a product designer, marketing director, food blogger, and photographer.

Los Angeles-based marketing and product strategist

I started out my career in PR in 2010. An incredibly lucky break, I learned via osmosis – doing corporate communications for Microsoft – how a big business works, how companies make money, how to launch products, and how to collaborate with cross-functional organizations.

As time went on, I found myself drawn to consumer communications, because I loved being on teams focusing on everyday people and creating joy and value in our lives. In this time, I found out that I had a knack for designing social media graphics and styling PowerPoint decks, which reminded me that – hey, I used to be good at art!

I set out to rekindle my creativity by starting a food blog in 2017. This was my way of learning more about color, typography, photography, design – as well as front-end web dev, freelance business operations, and growing an audience – without gatekeepers. Thank God for YouTube tutorials!

In 2019, I started working for the astrologer Chani Nicholas in an operations/digital marketing role and took over maintaining her website. I raised my hand to design some things for her – a modern birth chart, a website redesign. When the idea to build an astrology app started percolating, I asked if I could take a stab at designing the wireframes for the iOS app. We launched the app in December 2020!

Now, I’m dedicated to product design, and love to bring my marketing & business smarts to the table to design and launch effective, profitable, usable, and lovable digital experiences.

food & cooking

I’ve been an avid home cook since I was a child. I grew up in a family of cooks – my grandmother’s family was one of the original butchers at the Farmer’s Market in LA, and I was always the sous-chef in my dad’s kitchen as a kid. By high school, my parents were pretty much done cooking dinner every night, so I took over. I learned a lot from watching the Food Network on TV, being an adventurous eater, reading cookbooks, and learning from my mistakes in the kitchen. Having lived in Seattle and New York City in the past 10 years, and traveling as much as I can, also informs my cooking.

Contact info

I’m open to collaborations and welcome any feedback — contact me via email!

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